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Hello, we're Dr Ben Webb and Dr Zoe Webb, neuroscientist and clinical psychologist. 

We co-founded Ology to give women the brain understanding and psychological tools to improve their brain health and mental health.

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Parenting Teen Brains

Teenage behaviour can appear confusing. Emotional outbursts, unusual sleeping patterns, screen addiction and other teenage behaviours are a normal consequence of dramatic changes happening inside their brain. 

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Brain Healthiness

Brain health is governed by your lifestyle and physical health. Eating the right foods, exercising regularly, learning new skills, leading an active social life and managing stress levels can help to cultivate a healthy brain.

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Ageing and Dementia

Dementia is not an inevitable part of ageing. It’s caused by brain diseases which often begin in midlife and can cause mental decline later in life. So it's never too early and never too late in life for dementia prevention.

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Featured Courses

Dementia Prevention Program

The scientific system to prevent the mental decline caused by dementia.  From healthy ageing, to memory problems, to dementia risks, to how to boost brain health and prevent dementia.

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Nurturing The Teenage Brain

This course shows parents and carers how to manage teenage behaviour and give teenagers the support that their rapidly developing brain needs.

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Supporting Teenage Mental Health

This mini-course help parents and carers to learn the signs of, understand and manage mental health problems in teenage children.

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Parent of Teenager

"Thank you Ben and Zoe, learning and enjoying Nurturing The Teenage Brain. Your advice in the course and  community has been invaluable!”

Parent of Teenager

"We now feel much more confident dealing with and talking to our teenage son. Our relationship with him has improved immeasurably."

Parent of Teenager

"Nurturing The Teenage Brain laid out exactly how to talk to my teenager and help him manage his gaming addiction and mental health problems."

Family Support Worker 

"Great job, great training, well pitched…you made people feel confident to ask questions. You're a star!"

Foster Carer

"Zoe is really passionate about the content she teaches and always teaches from the heart"

Ology Student

"Ben is a fantastic teacher! I love this course. All of the videos and supporting teaching materials are well put together and easy to follow."



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