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No matter your age or mental fitness, Ology has a course for you.

Use latest neuroscience to change your life

Teenage Brain

Raise and support a healthy and happy teenager by nurturing the teenage brain.

Understand your brain and behaviour

Adult Brain

Get your brain working and mental health moving with critical lifestyle changes. 


Senior Brain

Build brain reserve and mental resilience with neuroscience inspired activities.


Welome to Ology 

Hello, we're Dr Ben Webb and Dr Zoe Webb, neuroscientist and clinical psychologist. 

We co-founded Ology to give adolescents, adults, and seniors the brain understanding and psychological tools to improve brain health and mental health.

Join us for an online course, workshop or webinar to develop a better brain for a better life.

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Parenting Teen Brains

Teenage behaviour can appear confusing. Emotional outbursts, unusual sleeping patterns, screen addiction and other teenage behaviours are a normal consequence of dramatic changes happening inside their brain. 

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Brain Healthiness

Brain health is governed by your lifestyle and physical health. Eating the right foods, exercising regularly, learning new skills, leading an active social life and managing stress levels can help to cultivate a healthy brain.

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Ageing and Dementia

Dementia is not an inevitable part of ageing. It’s caused by brain diseases which often begin in midlife and can cause mental decline later in life. So it's never too early and never too late in life for dementia prevention.

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What can you expect from an Ology course?

Once you become aware of how the brain shapes your decisions, behaviour, feelings and relationships it opens up new avenues for making life changes. We work with you using proven psychological strategies to support parenting, brain health and mental health.


You become aware of your lifestyle, actions and intentions.

Brain Insight

We reveal how the brain shapes your decisions and feelings.

Practical Strategies

We work on strategies to support you and take action.


How to manage difficulties with your teenage child(ren) and your relationships with them

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