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Learn the signs and features of your  mental health and how to manage your stress, anxiety and mood 

About Ology

Hello and welcome to Ology. We are Dr Ben Webb and Dr Zoe Webb, neuroscientist and clinical psychologist.

At Ology, our mission is to help people at every stage of life to improve their well-being. We work with young people and adults, parents and professionals to increase awareness and understanding of the brain and put in place proven strategies to improve brain health and mental health

Our training and resources are delivered online via our courses, workshops and webinars. We draw on the latest research from psychotherapy, psychology and neuroscience to help people to develop better brains for better lives.


More About Ology

About Ology

Hello and welcome to Ology. We are Dr Ben Webb and Dr Zoe Webb, neuroscientist and clinical psychologist respectively with over 30 years’ experience between us. At Ology, we uniquely bring our knowledge of the brain and psychology of behaviour together to help understand and improve your mental well-being.

We are excited to share with you our videos and online courses to help you make better sense of who you are, and why you do and feel the things you do so that you can be the best possible you and live your best possible life.

More About Ology


Nurturing The Teenage Brain Online Course

This course gives parents the knowledge, strategies and confidence to manage challenging teenage behaviours, nurture the parent-teenager relationship, and sensitively manage teenage mental health.  

Parenting Teenagers Online Course

This mini course helps parents to communicate and connect with their teenager using proven psychological principles.

Teenage Mental Health Online Course

This mini course helps parents to identify the signs of mental health problems and manage the emotional needs of teenagers.

Habits of a Teenage Brain Online Course

This mini course gives parents the psychological tools to understand and manage challenging teenage habits and behaviours.


"Ben is fantastic teacher! I love this course. He speaks so clearly and puts everything in easy, understandable terms. Really enjoyed this topic. All of the videos and supporting teaching materials are well laid out and easy to follow."

Sarah Levinson

"Excellent teaching! Ben is very good at explaining concepts in easily digestible lessons and makes the material very engaging! The use of animations to explain concepts really helped me learn the material on this course."

Paula Harris

Dr Webb’s teaching is interesting and engaging, ...modules are well structured, and fit perfectly around my busy life. Everything is explained clearly using engaging videos. The mini assessments also helped consolidate my learning.

Richard Carrington

"Great job, great training, well pitched…you made people feel confident to ask questions. You're a star!"

Family Support Worker

Zoe teaches from the heart...

Foster Carer


How to manage difficulties with your teenage child(ren) and your relationships with them

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