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Create a better brain for a better you

cultivating a healthy brain makes for a happy and healthy life

Our training courses and coaching programmes empower women to take control of their brain health and well-being. We work with young people and adults, parents and professionals to increase awareness and understanding of the brain and put in place proven strategies to improve brain health and mental health.

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Our Team

Dr Ben Webb - Co-Founder, Ology

Ben is a neuroscientist, psychology lecturer, speaker, author, and a father of two teenagers.

He works with parents, seniors and professionals, delivering courses, webinars, talks, workshops and coaching to deepen understanding of the brain to enhance brain health and mental health

Ben makes psychology and neuroscience practical and actionable in people's life and work. 

Dr Zoe Webb - Co-Founder, Ology

Zoe is a clinical psychologist, child trauma therapist, speaker, author, and a mother of two children.

She works with children, teenagers, parents and professionals, using a combination of psychological and trauma therapies, courses, talks and workshops to support mental health and emotional well-being. 

Zoe can provide therapeutic support through her independent practice, Synchrony Psychology.

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