Courses that nurture your brain health and mental well-being

Hello! I am neuroscientist and psychology lecturer Dr Ben Webb

I’ve harnessed twenty years of working at the cutting edge of neuroscience research and as a psychology lecturer to create online courses to help you understand and improve yourself. 

I try and make psychology and neuroscience accessible, actionable, and relevant to your everyday life, and provide educators and coaches with evidence-based tools and strategies to work effectively with their students.

Too often psychology and neuroscience are presented in technical terms in ways that are irrelevant to your everyday life. Or, conversely, people with no training in brain science, who lack an understanding of the nuances and complexities of scientific research try to sell you the latest quick fix solution to improve your life and wellbeing. 

I have co-founded Ology with Dr Zoe Webb, a practicing clinical psychologist, to change all that and give you access to the latest research on the brain and behaviour using online videos and interactive lessons that make psychology and neuroscience practical and actionable in your life and work. 

I hold three degrees in psychology and neuroscience, including a masters in Neuroscience from Oxford University. I have been teaching psychology and researching the inner workings of the brain for twenty years. 

Hello. I’m Dr Zoe Webb, an independent Clinical Psychologist and co-founder of Ology. Ology was founded in 2020 with the aim of uniquely bringing together the disciplines of psychology and neuroscience to help others understand how our brains can shape our behaviours and mental well-being. Along with Dr Ben Webb, University Lecturer and Neuroscientist, we hope to share the knowledge and understanding that we have established over 30+ years to help you better understand yourselves and those around you.

I have been practicing as a Clinical Psychologist since qualifying with my second Doctorate from the University of Lincoln in 2009 (the first being a PhD from Cambridge University in 2003). After qualifying, I worked in the NHS in both general and then specialist services for children, young people and families. In 2015, I left the NHS and set up my independent practice (Synchrony Psychology) where I now offer a combination of regular psychological therapies alongside specialist trauma therapies to support children, young people and their carers with their emotional well-being. I also offer training and support to parents and professionals on topics ranging from how early life trauma impacts on brain development through to therapeutic parenting and helping to improve the mental health of young people.

Having witnessed, through my career so far, how deepening understanding of our brains and its relation to our behaviours and well-being has helped so many hundreds of adults and children alike, I am excited to be sharing and encouraging this with a wider audience so that you too can benefit from making better sense of yourself and those around you. I hope you enjoy what Ology has to offer and look forward to hearing your experiences of our videos and online courses.

3 brain facts to help your mental well-being

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