How to avoid getting dementia and Alzheimer's disease

The Dementia Prevention Program is a proven scientific system that prevents cognitive decline as you get older, even if you're already experiencing memory problems or have a family history of dementia. 

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"The tools improved my memory and focus."

"The prevention tools and extra support from your coaching really helped me with my word-finding and focus. I feel like I'm operating at a new level now. Thank you so much for all of your help Dr. Webb. "

Helen S., Derby 

You've probably experienced a "senior moment"

“Why did I come into this room?” 
"Where are my keys?”
“What is her name? It’s right on the tip of my tongue…  

People often start to have these experiences in their 40s and 50s, and often dismiss them with a joke about their brain not working today or a flippant comment about their age. 

But how do you know if these momentary memory losses are harmless or a distress signal from your brain?

Are these "senior moments" the early signs of dementia? 


The truth is dementia doesn’t suddenly appear.

In fact, the seeds for dementia are sown inside your brain years, even decades, before you ever experience any symptoms.

So the best time to stop these momentary memory lapses from getting worse is in midlife, before it's too late.

How do you stop these memory lapses from turning into dementia? 

Lots of people try brain training in the hope that keeping their brains active will maintain or improve their cognitive abilities as they get older.

Games like sudoku and tangram are particularly popular. It seems intuitive that engaging your mind through these activities should be good for your brain. 

The issue is that memory games and puzzle books only provide a very small challenge to isolated parts of your brain, offering very little protection to the brain areas affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

There’s actually no scientific evidence that brain training slows down cognitive decline or prevents dementia. 

This has led many people to invest time and effort in activities that only have minor benefits for their brain and do very little to insulate them against cognitive decline.

Are supplements the solution? 

As we age, we all want to avoid memory loss and stay focused. And supplements are often touted as the solution.

"Improves memory." "Sharpens focus." These are just some of the claims you often see on the supplements that about a quarter of adults in midlife are taking to try to keep their brains healthy.  

Although there are a variety of "brain boosters" on the market - B-Vitamins, L-theanine, Vitamin-E, Omega-3s, to name a just few - most are lacking research to support their memory-enhancing and dementia-prevention claims.

All the evidence suggests that it is much more beneficial for your brain to get these nutrients from natural food sources. 

So, unless you actually have a nutritional deficiency, most supplements are a complete waste of money for enhancing your memory and slowing down cognitive decline.

There must be medications available that stop cognitive decline. 

The appeal of drugs is understandable. A growing older population with longer life spans means more people are living with or worried about cognitive decline and developing dementia. 

Currently, if you live to 85, you have a 50/50 chance of developing dementia. That's the flip of a coin!

With the continued improvements in drug treatments for other major diseases, like heart disease and cancer, most people should expect to live until at least 85.

This means that you or a member of your family will almost certainly be affected by dementia!

Yet, even though government and pharmaceutical companies have spent billions on research and drug trials over the last 30 years...

...there still isn’t a single drug available that effectively prevents, treats or slows the early signs or actual symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

So what is the solution?

Well, despite all the myths and misunderstanding about Alzheimer’s disease and failed drug trials over the last few decades, there is actually a solution in plain sight. One that, unless you’re a neuroscientist or neurologist, you might not know about. 

Brain health research conducted by a group of progressive scientists and practitioners over the last 15 years has revealed the root causes of Alzheimer’s disease and shown unequivocally that lifestyle intervention is the cure for cognitive decline.

The right diet and lifestyle sharpens your mind and can slow down or even stop cognitive decline. 

This can hold true even if you’re carrying copies of the genes (APOE4) most commonly associated with Alzheimer’s disease.


Hello! I'm neuroscientist, Dr. Ben Webb

For the past fifteen years, I’ve been helping people to prevent or rehabilitate the symptoms of dementia and stroke, so they can can experience healthier and happy lives free from cognitive decline and disability. 

The most effective weapon we have against dementia is the science of prevention - lifestyle changes that are scientifically proven to sharpen the brain in ways that protect it against the diseases that cause dementia. 

You can’t put a price on your brain!

Memory problems, foggy thinking and confusion don’t have to be an inevitable part of your life as you get older. 

Sharpening your mind in midlife means, not only will you have more clarity in your thinking and better memory now, you'll also be able to draw on this "cognitive reserve" as you get older.

What’s that worth?

What’s it worth to have your brain health, mental clarity, memories, and the independence to live life on your terms, connected with your friends and family and enjoying experiences together for decades to come.  


That's why I've put together a diet and lifestyle program to help you arrest cognitive decline and prevent dementia from ever developing.

The Dementia Prevention Program isn't just a passive course. It's a 90-day course + coaching program designed to give you breakthrough solutions for your brain health backed by credible scientific studies so that you can avoid cognitive decline.
And gives you the accountability and support system you need to get you there.



The Dementia Prevention Program will help you to: 


Build a better brain...immediately

Discover how to build new brain pathways to clear brain fog fast, boost energy levels, and sharpen memory performance — in as little as a few weeks!

Eat the right food to nourish your brain 

What you eat either depletes or nourishes your brain, taking you one step closer to cognitive decline or protecting you from it. I’ve collaborated with a professional chef to show you exactly what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner to properly nourish your brain.

Move your body to grow new brain cells

The right type of exercise gives your brain the raw materials it needs to make and retain new memories. I’ll give you a simple exercise program to grow new brain cells and sharpen your memory.

Reduce uncontrolled stress to stop your brain shrinking

Discover the scientific solutions for managing uncontrolled stress and healthy ways to reduce it that add extra years of healthy mental function to your life.

Get restorative sleep to give you more energy

After years of disrupted sleep…you can get that elusive great night’s sleep and watch your mood and memory dramatically improve. Wake up well-rested, full of energy, and ready to take on what life throws at you.

Sharpen your memory now for the years ahead

Discover how to take action now to prevent and even reverse early symptoms of mental decline and memory loss. The sooner you learn these mental activities, the better and more sustainable your results will be - so start now!

ALL OF THIS is possible without waisting your money on the latest food fad, supplements or expensive equipment!

This is what you'll get with the Dementia Prevention program:


1. Dementia Prevention Toolbox

2. Weekly Brain Health Coaching 

3. Unlimited Access to Dr. Webb

4. Dementia Prevention Community Membership 

1. Dementia Prevention Toolbox:

This includes 17 training videos. Meaning I’ll teach you the ins and outs of understanding what dementia is, how to reduce your risk of dementia, and how to slow down or prevent the development of dementia. You will also get an online test to measure your current risk of developing dementia. Take it repeatedly to assess how your brain health progresses.

Here’s what we’ll cover:



  • Dementia is NOT an inevitable consequence of ageing 

  • Warning signs of dementia  

  • What are the different types of dementia? 

  • How dementia changes the brain 

  •  What causes dementia? 



  • What are the chances of inheriting dementia?

  • Changing lifestyle habits that lead to dementia

  • Reducing a woman’s increased risk of dementia

  • Preventing diabetes to prevent dementia

  • Avoiding toxins that damage your brain

  • Testing your risk of dementia



  • Change your brain for a better life

  • Eat the right foods to nourish your brain

  • Exercise your body to build a resilient brain

  • Reduce stress to stop your brain shrinking

  • Restore and repair your brain while you sleep

  • Learn and socialise to increase brain capacity

2. Weekly Brain Health Coaching

This includes weekly live coaching calls, worksheets and checklists to keep you accountable, get detailed feedback, and motivation to keep moving forward. Meaning every week you’re able to talk with your coach and other women learning how to build a better brain with you, learn from them and their questions, and ask your specific questions so you don’t get stuck.

Here’s an outline of what we’ll work on together in our weekly coaching sessions:

3. Unlimited Access to Dr. Webb 

This includes email access between our calls where you can ask me any question that comes to mind, solve any challenge that you have, and get my direct help with proven brain health strategies. Meaning you will have the neuroscientist, founder and creator of this program right by your side so you never have a chance to get stuck.

4. Dementia Prevention Community

 This includes an invitation to our member-only private group of other women inside our program. Meaning you can use this to get further help from Dr. Webb. You will also meet, learn from and connect with other women just like you working to maintain a healthy brain.   


Join Today for These Powerful Free Bonuses 

If you join the Dementia Prevention Program today, you’ll also get access to a powerful collection of free resources.

Free Bonus #1

Brain Health eCookbook with 40 recipes developed by a professional chef.

This includes step by step instructions on how to prepare brain-healthy meals, like Soy and Lime Baked Salmon with Seaweed and Broccoli Salad - easy, affordable, and delicious.


Free Bonus #2

Diet plans for brain-healthy breakfast, lunches, dinners and snacks.

Daily plan and a weeks worth of menus for a diet rich in fibre, healthy carbs, essential fats lean protein and variety of vitamins and minerals.

Free Bonus #3

Home and work exercise training plan for building brain resilience.

Weekly exercise plan with instructions on how to build a home gym for doing simple exercises proven to boost your brain that are enjoyable to do.

Free Bonus #4

Mental challenges to sharpen your memory and unclog your thinking

Weekly plan of scientifically-backed mental activities that improve memory and sharpen thinking by building “cognitive reserve” inside your brain.  

How much does it cost?

Most people believe that brain games and supplementation will keep their mind and memory sharp and don’t give their diet and lifestyle the attention it needs before it’s too late for their brain health.

Instead, I’ve designed a step by step brain health system backed by credible scientific studies to quickly and easily make the key habit changes that will keep Alzheimer’s and dementia at bay.

If you were to do this on your own, how much would that cost you? Not only in money, but also in the extra time you’re going to get back in your life. How much is that worth to you? 

You have two options…

Option #1: Keep doing what you’ve been doing (and be frustrated and annoyed with the results)

Option #2: Join the Dementia Prevention Program and let me help you cultivate a healthy brain to allow you to live the life you want…

To unclog your thinking.

To sharpen your memory.

To elevate your energy levels.

To prevent cognitive decline.

The choice is yours?


These are the results my students are getting:

"I was disillusioned because I thought there was nothing you could do about dementia. But I feel empowered now to take control of my brain health with the dementia prevention toolbox that Dr. Webb has given me. I've started walking for 30 minutes every day and doing yoga". It's only been a month, but I already feel like my fogginess is subsiding."

Donna P., Manchester, England

"Now I understand the chances of getting dementia from my parents, who both had it, and the steps I can take to reduce my chances of getting dementia, I feel like I have a better future to look forward to."

James T., Solihull, UK

"I purchased the Dementia Prevention Program to learn how to reduce my chances of getting dementia. The most important ways in which my life has changed are that I have increased my social contact with friends and started eating a balanced brain-healthy diet using whole foods. The Dementia Prevention Program is well worth the money and time because the information in the Toolbox is practical, easy to implement and effective.

Clara N., Tonbridge, England

"Everything is based upon proven science

The lifestyle recommendations in the Dementia Prevention Toolbox are all designed using the latest scientific evidence but are implemented with care and compassion" 

Martin S. 

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