What if you could help a young person to heal from early life trauma and feel safe and secure?

Discover how to help a young person rewire their brain and heal the emotional pain of childhood trauma


Young people who have experienced early life trauma can be labelled, naughty, difficult or challenging.

But when a child experiences neglect or abuse early in their life, it has a significantly detrimental effect on their physical, mental and emotional development.

What this means is that young people who have experienced trauma have brains that work and are wired differently to those who have not experienced trauma.

So the way they behave is a result of these changes to their brain rather than these young people simply meaning to be naughty, difficult or challenging.

The key to healing childhood trauma is to re-wire the brain.

We now know from neuroscience research that every young person’s brain completely re-wires itself during adolescence between puberty and their late twenties.

And the types of experiences a young person has during adolescence re-models their brain and shapes their behaviour for the rest of their life.

So adolescence is the perfect window of opportunity to re-wire a young person’s traumatised brain with positive experiences to replace the adverse childhood experiences they were exposed to earlier in their life.

To re-wire and repair a traumatised brain, during the adolescent years you need to...


...provide repetitive, predictable and consistent developmental and emotional experiences that a traumatised child has missed out on earlier in life. 

Dr. Zoe Webb

Hello! I am clinical psychologist, Dr. Zoe Webb.

I have worked with children, young people and adults with early life trauma for the past 11 years to help them understand how these experiences impact on them and find ways of repairing their brain so they can experience healthier emotional well-being.

I want to introduce you to...

Empowering carers and parents to help young people heal the emotional pain caused by trauma early in life


Over the course of 3 actionable and easy to follow modules I’ll lay out for you the exact strategies that I use every day in my clinical work with young people to help them heal from their trauma without skipping a single step.

The course is divided into three modules:

Module 1 - Repairing a Traumatised Brain

Lesson 1 - Normal Brain Development and Response to Stress
Lesson 2 - Brain Changes in Response to Early Life Trauma 
Lesson 3 - What Others Can Do to Help With Early Life Trauma 
Lesson 4 - What You Can Do To Heal From Early Life Trauma 


Module 2 - Strategies for Managing Trauma Symptoms

Strategy 1 - Grounding Techniques 
Strategy 2 - Grounding Visualisation 
Strategy 3 - Relaxation Techniques 
Strategy 4 - Safe Place


Module 3 - Supporting a Traumatised Brain 

Support 1 - What is Trauma?
Support 2 - What Helps Trauma?
Support 3 - 10 Steps for Dealing with Flashbacks 
Support 4 - Dealing with Hallucinations
Support 5 - Dealing with Triggers

Healing The Traumatised Brain is an online course which you get instant and lifetime access to on any digital device. It’s yours to keep and refer back to forever!

In Healing The Traumatised Brain, you'll learn:

  • how the brain typically matures from birth through adolescence and into adulthood, and how our experiences shape its development

  • what happens in the typically developing brain when we are exposed to everyday stress 

  • what happens if the source of stress early in life is prolonged, repeated or so severe that our brain cannot be calmed

  • what happens when exposure to stress or danger comes without the buffer of a healthy and safe relationship with our caregiver.

  • the behaviours or “trauma symptoms” that we might see as a result of changes that occur within our brains following exposure to trauma.

You'll also learn:

  • What is helpful and what is not helpful when supporting someone dealing with trauma
  • how and when we can harness the brain’s capacity to change and to re-wire itself to help someone heal their traumatised brain

  • the strategies that can be used by the individual themselves when they experience trauma symptoms, including emotional dsyregulation, dissociation, flashbacks and nightmares.

  • a collection of strategies that are really effective at managing trauma symptoms, including grounding, visualisation and relaxation techniques.

  • how to support someone experiencing trauma symptoms to deal with flashbacks, hallucinations and triggers.

You’re Protected By my 14-Day, Unconditional, Money-Back Guarantee.

I’ve put all of my clinical knowledge and experience of working with young people with trauma and those around them into the Healing The Traumatised Brain course. I want to help you or a young person you are caring for to come to terms with and heal their traumatised brain.

To make the decision easier for you I’m offering a 14 day 100% money-back guarantee with your purchase of the Healing The Traumatised Brain course today.

Go through the entire course, implement the strategies, put in the time and work, and email me at [email protected], any time within 14 days after purchase, for a prompt and courteous refund. This means you can even take the whole course, take every lesson, and if it doesn’t work for, you get every penny back. That’s how confident I am that you’ll benefit from Healing The Traumatised Brain.

Healing the pain of early life trauma can be a life-changing issue for so many young people. For that reason, I genuinely want to to make this course as affordable for as many people as I possibly can. So I’ve priced the course to be cheaper than the cost of seeing a clinical psychologist, like me, for a one-off session (I currently charge £140/session).

You can get the access to the Healing The Traumatised Brain course right now for one payment of £97. You can get started right away,  just click the button below and within seconds you will have access to the private members area, where you’ll be able to access to the entire Healing The Traumatised Brain course and begin watching and implementing the video training immediately.


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...I will also include with your purchase a free bonus course on parenting teenagers. 

If you follow the guidance I give you in this free bonus training (normally priced at £47) you'll learn how to connect and communicate with teenagers using parenting strategies proven to influence their behaviour.

Here's some of the feedback I've been getting about the course...

Adoptive Parent

"An excellent provision and service."

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"Zoe teaches from the heart...This an amazing course and worth every penny!"

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"Great job, great training, well pitched...you've made me feel more confident to help the teens I work with"

Social Worker"

"Zoe is a very knowledgeable and engaging teacher and trainer"  

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You can take the course on any digital device you like, a computer, a tablet, a phone. As long as you have internet access, you have access to the course. And that access is for a lifetime - it’s yours to keep and refer back to forever! And if I update the course in the future, you will get all of the updates at no extra cost to you. 

So, I look forward to seeing you on the course. Just click the button below to get instant access so you can start to harness the capacity of a young person's brain to repair itself and heal the emotional pain of their childhood trauma.