How to parent a teenager



Raise a happy and healthy teenager by nurturing the teenage brain  

Teenage behaviour can appear confusing. Emotional outbursts, unusual sleeping patterns, screen addiction and other teenage behaviours are a normal consequence of dramatic changes happening inside their brain. 

Why are teenagers so messy?

Wet towels left in their wake, a sea of strewn clothes where there once was carpet, plates of food festering under the bed…why are teenagers so messy? A teen’s untidiness is a real bugbear for many parents and can be the source of ongoing conflict in many families. I explain why a messy bedroom is an easy, safe way for a teenager to declare their independence. And the protracted process of rewiring their brain during adolescence means that they won’t notice the mess for most of the time they're living with you. Arguing with them won't change that, but setting a few simple family rules can make things a little easier.

Why teens make bad decisions

From getting drunk at a party, to stealing your clothes, to Xbox gaming into the early hours, teenagers often make what seem like bad decisions. I breakdown why teenagers make misguided decisions and how parents can help them to learn good decision-making skills. Teenagers will often express quite clearly why certain behaviours and actions are not desirable. But put them in a situation where they feel pressure, stressed, or are seeking attention from their peer group, they will start to make poor decisions.

How to deal with your angry teen

When our children begin the slow transition to adulthood, many of them struggle more with anger. It’s important to keep in mind that anger is not the problem - it’s a symptom of a deeper problem or challenge. When we have a deeper understanding of what ramps up rage, particularly spontaneous or irrational anger for our teens, we can better support them during this turbulent and confusing time. I explain why teenagers can be so angry and how to deal with their emotional outbursts without shouting, shaming or punishing them.


Talking to teenagers about their mental health

Emotional ups and downs are are a normal part of adolescence, making it difficult for parents to distinguish between normal teenage moodiness and mental health struggles. Teens might not always be able to articulate what they’re going through, and they might not want to talk to parents about it. So how can parents support a teenager’s mental well-being? I share how parents can make themselves available and what they should say to teens to support difficult feelings and mental illness.

Why teenagers reject parents' advice

Ever offered up what you thought was an inspirational solution to you teenager’s problem, only for it to be dismissed as annoying, irrelevant or even stupid. I breakdown why teenagers don’t want parents’ advice and prefer a sounding board not a solution. When we offer a solution too quickly, teenagers often feel like we’re not really listening to them or understanding what they’re going through. And it turns out that listening and understanding is what teenagers really want.

Why teenagers need more sleep

You want your teenager to sleep better tonight? Today I’m going to share why teenagers need more sleep, and the best sleep science strategy to help them consistently get good sleep. This simple strategy has helped thousands of teenagers to consistently and reliably get the 8-9 hours of sleep that they need every night . Watch this video to learn this effective form of sleep hygiene and start using it with your teenager tonight.

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