‘Mum, What’s Wrong With You?’ with Lorraine Candy

Season #1 Episode #43

What happened to the sweet little girl who you’ve loved and nurtured for more than decade? Who is this irrational, untidy and moody young women living in your house, who seems to find everything about you so embarrassing?

I have a really interesting and wide ranging discussion with parenting columnist, Lorraine Candy, about how to survive the challenges of parenting teenage girls. We cover topics ranging from why teenage girls are so mean to mums, how to connect with teens, dealing with their untidy bedroom, picking your battles, managing screen time, to being a mother during menopause.

Lorraine's new book, ‘Mum, What’s Wrong With You?': 101 Things Only Mothers of Teenage Girls Know, is available to buy from 10th June, 2021. 

podcast website: https://www.ologyonlinecourses.com/podcast; follow us @ologyonline on facebook, twitter and instagram




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