Hope Helps Your Mental Health With Jonny Benjamin

Season #1 Episode #41

It’s hard for people to feel hopeful in these uncertain times. But having hope for the future helps to build resilience and gives people the will, determination, and sense of empowerment to tackle their mental health challenges. I talk to Jonny Benjamin, a mental health campaigner, about his truly extraordinary story and new book, ‘The Book Of Hope’. Jonny was 20 and standing on the edge of Waterloo bridge about to jump. A passer-by, a stranger, noticed his distress and took the time to talk to him. It was a moment of kindness and compassion that change the course of his life. His new book, which brings together 101 different voices on overcoming adversity, similarly aims to inspire acceptance, compassion, courage, resilience, kindness and, most importantly, hope in people facing their own mental health challenges.




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