Better Brain, Better You

Better Brain, Better You

Hosted by: Dr Ben Webb

Join neuroscientist, Dr Ben Webb, and clinical psychologist, Dr Zoe Webb, to cultivate a healthy brain for a mentally healthy and happy life. New episodes every Monday for brains of all ages.


Your (Brain’s) Relationship With Alcohol

Season #1 Episode #39

Do you enjoy a glass of wine to wind down after work or a cocktail (or four) to loosen you up in social situations? You’re not alone! Last year, more than 80% of us reported that we drink alcohol on a regular basis...
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Treating Depression Without Medication (With Nick Saluppo)

Season #1 Episode #38

Imagine it was possible to successfully treat depression without needing to take any form of antidepressant drug. Today I talk to therapist, Nic Saluppo, about his incredible journey to heal his own depression without...
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Better Brain, Better You Trailer

Welcome to Better Brain, Better You. We are neuroscientist Dr Ben Webb and clinical psychologist Dr Zoe Webb. On this podcast we help people of all ages to cultivate a healthy brain for a mentally healthy and happy...
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Why Teenagers Make Bad Decisions

Season #1 Episode #37

From getting drunk at a party, to stealing your clothes, to Xbox gaming into the early hours, teenagers often make bad decisions. I breakdown why teenagers make misguided decisions and how parents can help them to...
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Why Women Are More Likely To Develop Alzheimer’s Disease

Season #1 Episode #36

Why are women twice as likely as men to develop Alzheimer’s disease? I discuss some important differences in the way women's brains age and how this increases their risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. It’s not...
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How Food Affects Your Mood

Season #1 Episode #35

Ever wondered why you feel low or lethargic after eating certain foods and invigorated and energised after eating others? I breakdown why certain foods affect your mood and how simple changes to diet can improve your...
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Why Teenagers Reject Parents' Advice

Season #1 Episode #34

Ever offered up what you thought was an inspirational solution to you teenager’s problem, only for it to be dismissed as annoying, irrelevant or even stupid. I breakdown why teenagers don’t want parents' advice and...
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Teenage Brains Are Wired To Learn

Season #1 Episode #33

We often give teenagers a hard time for being impulsive, emotional outbursts, taking risks, too much screen time, or just because they can’t get out of bed in the morning. Today I want to talk about a teenage...
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Why Teenagers Are Vulnerable To Depression

Season #1 Episode #32

Why are teenagers susceptible to depression? And what can they do to thrive and be emotionally healthier? The teen years are characterised by three converging events that are a window of risk for developing...
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Why Sleep Predicts and Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease

Season #1 Episode #31

What if we could predict when you’re going to get Alzheimer’s disease and you could do something now to stop the development of this brain disease? Today I want to show you why the sleep you’re having right now tells...
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How To Prevent Dementia

Season #1 Episode #30

Do you forget why you went upstairs? Fail to put a name to a familiar face? We’ve all done it. And, as we get older, we often worry that these small memory mistakes will lead to dementia.  Today I share why dementia...
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Life After Lockdown

Season #1 Episode #29

As we move towards easing restrictions in the UK, many of us feel anxious about what life after lockdown will look like. In this episode, I explore how we can can overcome these mental health challenges and readjust...
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