Better Brain, Better You

Better Brain, Better You

Hosted by: Dr Ben Webb

Are you ready to cultivate a healthy brain for a mentally healthy and happy life? Each week, neuroscientist, Dr Ben Webb, and clinical psychologist, Dr Zoe Webb, reveal their best brain and psychological tips,...


#50: How to stop your brain from shrinking

Season #1

Your brain is shrinking, costing you memories and mental sharpness. Brain shrinkage is closely related to symptoms of ageing, including mental decline, cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and even poor sleep...
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#49: The benefits of swimming for your brain

Season #1

Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that strengthens your heart and circulatory system. But it also really benefits your brain and mental health. It encourages the brain to release brain chemicals that...
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#48: Childhood Trauma and Midlife Mental Health

Season #1

Experiences from decades ago still affect how you think, feel and behave today. Traumatic events and experiences that you endured early in life as a child or teen have a lasting effect on your emotional wellbeing as...
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Talking to teens about their mental health

Season #1 Episode #47

Emotional ups and downs are are a normal part of adolescence, making it difficult for parents to distinguish between normal teenage moodiness and mental health struggles. Teens might not always be able to articulate...
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Why are teenagers so messy?

Season #1 Episode #46

Wet towels left in their wake, a sea of strewn clothes where there once was carpet, plates of food festering under the bed…why are teenagers so messy? A teen’s untidiness is a real bugbear for many parents and can be...
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Rewiring a Brain Traumatised During Childhood

Season #1 Episode #45

When a child experiences neglect or abuse early in their life, it has a devastating impact on their physical, mental and emotional development. I discuss how trauma during early childhood changes the brain and why the...
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Food for a Healthy Female Brain

Season #1 Episode #44

The Mediterranean diet is perfectly suited to women’s health. Partly due to the beneficial effects on the heart, it’s also good for a woman's brain. Women who follow the Mediterranean diet have younger looking brains...
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‘Mum, What’s Wrong With You?’ with Lorraine Candy

Season #1 Episode #43

What happened to the sweet little girl who you’ve loved and nurtured for more than decade? Who is this irrational, untidy and moody young women living in your house, who seems to find everything about you so...
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Managing The Brain Symptoms Of Menopause

Season #1 Episode #42

The menopause opens a new chapter in a woman’s life that can take her on roller coaster ride of foreign feelings, lasting easily a decade or more. From hot flushes to low mood to insomnia to forgetfulness, menopause...
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Hope Helps Your Mental Health With Jonny Benjamin

Season #1 Episode #41

It’s hard for people to feel hopeful in these uncertain times. But having hope for the future helps to build resilience and gives people the will, determination, and sense of empowerment to tackle their mental health...
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Why Are Teens So Moody?

Season #1 Episode #40

You probably expected to get some attitude when your child arrived in the teenage years. But the constant eye-rolling, emotional outbursts and “You are so embarrassing” comments may be harder to handle than you...
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Your (Brain’s) Relationship With Alcohol

Season #1 Episode #39

Do you enjoy a glass of wine to wind down after work or a cocktail (or four) to loosen you up in social situations? You’re not alone! Last year, more than 80% of us reported that we drink alcohol on a regular basis...
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