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Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, but we often don't place equal value on it. Lifestyles that include high levels of stress, unmanageable anxiety and low mood can lead to challenges with your mental well-being.

If you are able to make changes to your lifestyle and learn strategies to cope with these challenges, you can experience more positive mental well-being. This can then lead to improvements across all areas of your life.

Stress, anxiety and depression are extremely common in our society with 74% of adults in the UK reporting unmanageable levels of stress and 19.7% experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression. This percentage is equivalent to 8 in 100 people per week reporting symptoms making these conditions the most common across mental health difficulties.

This free minicourse will increase your awareness of your stress, anxiety and mood levels using a simple, self-guided analysis of your habits and lifestyle, and how these relate to your brain.

The best way to facilitate better outcomes in your life is to acknowledge and nurture the inextricable link between your brain and behaviour - ensuring healthy habits and calm, confident connections with the world around you.

All of us live differently, and a wide range of factors influence the emotions we feel and thus the choices we make.

We are here to help you understand those factors, in a simple, online journaling exercise that puts you in the driving seat of your emotional well-being.

So let's start off with a few simple questions - 


Have you or other people around you noticed that you are feeling stressed?

Do you find yourself avoiding things that you are worried about?

Do you worry that your mood sometimes impacts on your daily life?

Do you want to understand better what is making you feel this way?

Do you want to learn some strategies to cope better with challenges in your mental well-being?


Having insights into your brain, habits and behaviours are key to getting on track for a healthy and happy life. My partner and I at Ology (we're a neuroscientist and clinical psychologist) have dedicated our careers to understanding the brain and its effects, and discovering ways that issues can often be resolved much more simply than expected, with the right approach.  

A message from Dr Zoe Webb, course co-creator -


All you need

is a notebook and pen

Super-easy to follow, this free mini-course is a prompter for your thoughts, to increase your awareness of your mental well-being



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You are in the ideal place to help yourself through these challenging times of self-discovery - and we're in the ideal place to guide and reassure you

We'll help you understand your emotions, moods, and their effects

This is a discreet and convenient service, and, as doctors of neuroscience and psychology, we bring our full qualifications, knowledge, and combined wealth of experience to you, on your device, in your own home.

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Zoe and Ben Webb