Nurturing The Teenage Brain

The online video course that teaches you how to understand and connect with your teenager to fulfill their needs and enrich your relationship with them

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Are you a parent, concerned about your teenager, and would you like support with understanding and managing their behaviour? Do you want to feel more connected with your teenager and have a better relationship with them? If so, we are here to help you.

Raising teenagers - making sense of their behaviour, knowing how best to respond and maintaining a positive relationship with them - is one of the hardest challenges you will face in your role as a parent. This is partly because your natural parental instincts are often in direct conflict with the needs of your teenager’s rapidly changing brain. And this can be the ingredients of a perfect storm!

There will have surely been times when you have shouted at them multiple times, demanding them to come off their device or phone. Only to have them shout back, leaving you feeling angry or hurt, wondering where your obedient little child went and how you suddenly lost control of them! We’ve all been there.


Once you become more aware of how your teenager’s brain drives their seemingly unexplainable behaviour and understand how your own experiences have shaped your parenting style, you can start to connect with your teenager and enrich your relationship with them.

We'll help you understand those critical factors that govern your teenager’s behaviour and shape your relationship with them. We will show you how to better manage their behaviours and incorporate strategies into your parenting that will compliment their developing brain, nurture your relationship with them and support their emotional needs, as they navigate this complex period in their lives.

With over thirty years of combined experience working with parents, children and teenagers, we would like to share our knowledge from the worlds of clinical psychology and neuroscience in this course to help you experience greater awareness, understanding, and connection as a family. This will bring you greater enjoyment together, and support you all in weathering the storm of parenting a teenager.

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The benefits of this course

  • You’ll discover why your teenager can be so irrational and emotional AND learn how to identify when they need comfort and care from you and when they are best left alone
  • You’ll discover why your teenager may take dangerous risks AND learn why their brain is not yet ready to help them learn from their mistakes
  • You’ll discover why your teenager is highly susceptible to addiction AND learn how to direct them towards healthier habits
  • You’ll discover why your teenager needs more sleep, has different sleeping patterns to you AND learn how to help them and you get better sleep
  • You’ll discover why your teenager spends so much time in front of a screen or on social media AND learn effective strategies for managing their screen time and gaming on different devices
  • You’ll discover the risk factors for your teenager that can lead to habitual drinking and drug taking AND learn how to manage excessive drinking and drug taking during this vulnerable time in their life
  • You’ll discover the importance of relationships for your teenager and how the early experiences we provide for them shape their ways of interacting with others AND learn how you can use the parent relationship to influence their behaviour
  • You’ll discover why you need to look beyond your teenager’s behaviour to work out how best to respond to them AND learn important principles that will allow for connection whilst also still giving them the necessary guidance and discipline to help them reach their goal of a healthy, happy adult life.
  • You’ll discover why it is important that we look at our own experiences when responding to our teenager’s behaviour AND learn ways in which we can manage ourselves to support them
  • You’ll discover why stress is toxic for your teenager’s brain AND learn strategies for supporting them to manage their stress levels better
  • You’ll discover the features and signs of teenage depression AND learn ways of helping your teenager through these times to achieve more positive emotional well-being
  • You’ll discover the features and signs of anxiety in the teenage years AND learn how they can develop strategies to better cope with these experiences and how you can best support them
  • You’ll discover the reasons why a teenager may be self-harming AND learn what they can do and how you can support them to the find safer ways of coping or expressing themselves
  • You will be able to receive additional support with parenting your teenager by signing up to our parenting teenagers community and through the shared resources that will be available to you on the course
  • Completion of the course will leave you with a better awareness and understanding of your teenager which will help you to feel more connected to them and to enjoy a more positive relationship with them.
  • Completion of the course will leave you feeling more confident about how to manage conflict and confrontation with your teenager and how to support them with their emotional well-being, based on the latest scientific evidence and clinical practice.

What You Get

A video-based course divided into 3 parts, with 12 lessons, practical parenting strategies, completely contained and secured by log-in, online through this portal, so you can follow it in your own time, at your convenience. It's yours to access whenever, wherever, as many times as you like, forever.


What We Cover

We address three areas - Habits of The Teenage Brain, Teenage Relationships, and Emotional Needs of Teenagers, detailing the what's and the why's of their behaviour, with practical strategies to help you guide your teenager through all the different parts of their life and relationships


How We Engage

Spread the 12 lessons out over a week or two to allow the ideas to settle in, and your own ideas to grow. Each lesson has its own page with a written introduction, a lesson video, downloadable strategies, comments section, and access to our Teenage Brain members' private facebook members group - for further discussion, sharing, and questions answered.


And if you feel that our course doesn't bring you the benefits we've described, we will refund you within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked - simply send us an email.

We'll help you guide your teenager to a healthy, happy life

This is a discreet and convenient service, and, as doctors of neuroscience and psychology, we bring our full qualifications, knowledge, and experience to you on your device, in your own home.

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Zoe and Ben Webb