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What if you could understand your teenager’s habits, their impulsive, irrational, emotional, lazy, risk-taking or even aggressive behaviour, with the guidance of a neuroscientist and psychologist, all from the comfort of your own home?  

This free minicourse will increase your awareness of your teen’s actions and intentions using a simple, self-guided analysis of their habits and lifestyle and how these relate to their rapidly developing brain.

As teenagers develop during this crucial period in life, neural pathways are laid down in their brain that govern their patterns of behaviour, attitudes, and interactions with the world. 

The best way to facilitate better outcomes in your teenager's life is to acknowledge and nurture the inextricable link between their brain and behaviour - ensuring brain healthy habits and confident connections to the world around them.

All teens grow differently, and a wide range of factors influence the emotions they feel and the choices they make.

We are here to help you understand those factors, in a simple, online journaling exercise that puts you in the driving seat of your teenager's well-being.

So let's start off with a few simple questions - 

How is your teenager's attitude to school in general?

Their school attendance and discipline record?

Do they have a regular routine to prepare for sleep?

And getting up in the morning?

Do they get a solid 6 to 8 hours sleep every night?

Are they happy in their relationships with other family members?

And with their friends?

What is their romantic life like?

Is your teenager into taking risks with their friends?

Do they gamble online?

Have they been experimenting with alcohol?

Or drugs?

The teenage years can be very stressful - have been worrying a lot?

Unable to focus and concentrate on school work?

Become much more irritable than they used to be?

Are they angry around the home, taking out their frustrations on the family?

Do they feel down a lot of the time?

Or shown any signs of self-harming?

Are they spending a lot of their spare time online?

Trying to keep up with social media?

Are you getting on with your teenager, or are they becoming more distant?

Are you able to chat about teenage issues with your wider family?

Or with your teenager's teachers?


Having insights into your teenager's brain as well as their habits and behaviours is key to guiding them to a healthy and happy life. My partner and I at Ology (we're a neuroscientist and clinical psychologist) have dedicated our careers to understanding the brain and reassuring parents that worrying behaviours that can often be resolved much more simply than expected, with the right approach. 

A message from Ben Webb, Course co-creator -


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It's super-easy to follow, this free mini-course is a prompter for your thoughts, to get you into the mindset of awareness of your teenager's well-being



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